Updates for September

We commenced Resellers' training on the 24th of August and every Thursday after that, we have kept with the tempo. Even Port Harcourt Resellers were not left out as we visited them for a 3 days intensive between 25th and 27th of August. Lagos is already going into week 6 (Wow).

During the course of the training, we got feedbacks and have spent a lot of time fixing these, The training also gave us the opportunity to fix bugs as well as enhance user experience . A quick update on what we accomplished in the last few weeks:

  1. Minor Enhancements:

    a) We added a copy button on the Reseller profile page to allow resellers copy their url containing their reseller ID with ease. The URL can then be pasted across social media platform and shared with potential subscribers
    b) Resellers were offered a free 90-day Reseller Plan with demo data. This Plan allows for testing all the OdooSME modules using demo data
    c) While creating a new database as a Reseller, the Reseller code is automatically shown in the Reseller ID field so you don't have to type this in. It ensures Resellers don't loose referral commission

    d) On the database creation page, a link is added to open the Terms and Condition if user wants to read the small print.

    e) Notification email of extension of database expiry date is now being sent to the subscriber
    f) Notification email of database suspension is now being sent to the subscriber

  2. Bug Fixes:

    a) Issue with editing forms and fields when in Settings mode in any module is fixed
    b) Website design blocks were not displaying when in design mode. This was fixed

    c) During signup of trial database, if you don’t select “Terms and Conditions” initially, you will get a warning and cannot proceed. Checking the "Terms and Conditions" thereafter does not create a database.
    d) Internal Error experienced after submitting payment details on paystack page is fixed
    e) Database which had expired and passed grace period were still accessible instead of being deleted. This has been fixed
    f) 500 Internal Server error when the icon to download earnings/payout report is clicked has been fixed


  3. New Features

    a) We added the Retailer plan. This plan is similar to the Basic Accounting plan but with additional modules such as
    b) We have launched a Secondary Reseller Program (SRP). Under this program, a Reseller who introduces another Reseller will earn a secondary commission on implementation and recurring subscription fees paid by the customers. It works as follows:
     - Reseller A introduces reseller B. This makes Reseller B a Primary Reseller to OdooSME while Reseller A becomes the Secondary Reseller and will earn Secondary Reseller Commission
     - Reseller B will earn 70% of implementation fees and 7.5% on recurring subscriptions earned from his/her direct client
     - Reseller A will earn 10% on implementation fees and 2.5% on on recurring subscriptions earned paid by Reseller B's client
    c) We moved the Reseller registration link from the user profile page to the main menu of the portal for ease of registration
    d) We added a feature to set plans to "Trial only" so that customers can get free trial without an option to purchase the plan. This feature allowed us to offer the free 90-days plan to Resellers without displaying a "Buy Now" option
    e) An "Invite a Reseller" in the Dashboard menu now allows a reseller to invite unlimited number of contacts to the Reseller Program. When the contact register and become a Reseller, the Reseller who made the invitation becomes a Secondary Reseller and will earn commission of the sales generated by the invited (Primary) Reseller

In the coming weeks, we will be working on re-launching the Hotel Management Module. Watch out for it